Friday, December 20

Snow falls using javascript

                   In my previous article i have explained scrolling of a page using jquery. Now a days a dot net developer can do whatever they wants by coding.In this article i have created a animated page using javascript,After writing all these code you can get a similar looks of snow falls in your web page.

                  Now i am going to describe the process.First create one .aspx page and inside that page ,give script tag i,e:<script type="text/javascript"> and inside that script tag write your jvascript functions.
I am randomly created that points which exactly looks like snow falls.It will be better for me to explain you with a i am going to give a overlook on my .aspx page, where i have explained all the functionality.Now you have to write the code like shown below. 

Saturday, June 8

How to Scroll Page from Top to Bottom and from Bottom to Top Using Jquery/Javascript

                 In this article i have explained  How to Scroll Page from top to bottom and from bottom to top using Jquery/Javascript.
     In this article i have created one aspx page and has taken three html div where ID as top,div1 and div2 in three different background color for distinguish each other.I have taken three contents for this example but you can take as many contents you want.Created one javascript function and called this function dynamically in jquery click event.

Thursday, April 18

How to Bind State by Selecting Country DropDownList using WebMethod in

                 In this article I have explained  how to bind a dropdownlist using Ajax.
               Some developers binding the dropdownlist directly in pageload.which will give low performance to your site.Now a days every user wants to avoid unnecessary postbacks during any events.Lets take a common example that  I want to bind a state list according to the country selection. I can do it in code behind selectedindexchange event,but it will result performance issue as discussed previously,so I will prefer to use ajax here.

How to Upload and Save Image Without any Postback by User in

                  Here I have explained how to store and display image instantly after choose by user in using jQuery.
                 In this article I have explained how to avoid upload button functionality after choosing a image in Some users usually don't likes to view image after clicked on upload button or any button control,They always prefers to view image instantly after selecting a specific image from dialog box.
               It make sense that it will possible only if we will use ajax or some client side here I am using javascript functions with taking one Image control and File upload button to open a dialog to choose a image from it.In my other post I have explained
How to Update previous Image URL During Update Mode , and  FileUpload Content Refreshed During pageloadif it is used in a user control .
 To get the result follow the below steps. where I  have explained each content with source code.

How to Save Image in Different Size in

                     This article explains how to create a image with different size in
                     In my previous post How to Upload and Save Image Without any Postback by User in ,I have explained on image file validation check in javascript as well as instantly reading the image after selecting from dialog box.Here I am going to explain how you can store that same image in different sizes.
                   You have to specify some unit to store image in different sizes.As I have explained before you have to take one image upload control and one image viewer control.There is so many different approach is there to do this work but I am providing code which is very simple to implement as well as light weight than other approaches.

Encription and Decription of Password In C#

                     I have explained here how to encrypt and decrypt a string value.
                     It is became mandatory for all developer to store their password in encrypted because of security reason.And it is the best practice for a developer.If someone wants to store something secretly ,then we should go for it .To store a password in encrypt manner ,it will create  headache  for  hackers to find your password easily.
                                If you will store some string value in encrypted way,then it is quite obvious for an developer to decrypt that string for further use in that application.For an example if some store the encrypted  password in database,But while they want to retrieve their password it won't come the exact one rather encrypted one.Hence we will decrypt that string in that scenario.  

Send sms to mobile in using fullonsms free api

                   How to send free sms to mobile using fullonsms api in


                It is very easy to send a sms by using fullonsms in that you should have an account their.If you do not have an account then follow the steps to create one.
First create one account in and in source code update the username and password accordingly.
After you have created an account,you can use that registered number to send sms to other numbers in
There is a drawbacks here ,First it is useless for those numbers who has not registered in fullonsms.That means both the sender  and the receiver  should have an account on fullonsms.
If the receiver doesn’t have an account on fullonsms ,then you can’t able to send sms to that number unless and until that user is not going to register their number on fullonsms.
For me you should go for a bulk sms package service rather for fullonsms and way2sms free api.
If still you want to use free fullonsms service then follow the following procedure.

Send free sms using source code

                     Here I have explained how to send sms using
                     In my previous article I have explained the same functionality in different approach.Also I have explained some guidelines of using this functionality in Send sms to mobile in using fullonsms free api.
As I have discussed before you should choose sms gateways package instead of free gateway like fullonsms and way2sms.
Way2sms has stopped their free services for In the meantime fullonsms is only those user where the sender and receiver both are a registered user of fullonsms.

Saturday, March 23

How to retrieve data using linq query in DataTable

                     Here I have explained How to retrieve data using linq query stored in DataTable in
In this Article I will explain how to store data into datatable using linq query in have used here data context class and by creating the object of that class we can get the tables present inside that object.

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