Monday, October 29

How to Break the Text in a Gridview


                  Here I have explained how to break text in gridview.


Here I will explain how to break the text in gridview in we have fixed the gridview width and height,then if one of the column text exceed the width ,it will display as unprofessional ,to avoid this we have to break that long text.

I will explain you with a suitable example where you can find the gridview with exact text as well as breaking text.

First I am going to show you without breaking text. For this I have taken one gridview and bind that gridview from database as shown below.

Sunday, October 28

Create your own Calculator By Using Jquery


                  Here I have explained how to create one calculator using jquery.


                  In my previous article I have explained Image cropping using jquery ,Differnt types of jQuery combobox in ,How to calculated Value difference between two dates using JQuery? .

Here I am going to create a simple web page which will looks like a calculator having all similar features. For this I have taken few buttons and labels control. I am preparing this calculator by using JQuery.

I have provided here lots of functionality which is generally used in a calculator. This calculator is having all the basic operators. It is most important that along with calculator functionality there must be a proper design. By the way design has the vital role in a application.

I have written some inline style which is not recommended, you just put these CSS into a file and call that style sheet to your page.

For this you should have the jQuery plug-in inside your application or you can use any online plug-in for it. Then take one .aspx page and follow the below process.

Thursday, October 18

Binding Second Gridview By selecting First Gridview Record


                  Here I have explained how to bind a child gridview by selecting a row of parent gridview in


                  In my previous article I have explained Different ways to bind data in a textBox from gridview cells by click on select button using both row command and selected index changed event , How to get row number from gridview on textbox change event using javascript without page refreshing , How to show a pop up with gridview row data using string builder as well as how to change gridview row color dynamically? , Gridview row editing, updating, deleting and row command events , Upload a excel file and display it in a gridview as well as display this excel sheet from a starting row to ending row, Adding dynamic rows in gridview control with textboxes and with delete functionality , Without data showing gridview with empty textbox to submit data into database , Using gridview EmptyDataTemplate and FooterTemplate add record to database , how to insert images into database and how to retrieve and bind images to gridview using (or)save and retrieve images from database using .

                In this article I have taken two gridview control where I am displaying the selected row data of first gridview in second gridview.

Saturday, October 13

How to bind second Gridview with respect to first GridView


                  Here I have explained RowEditing,RowUpdating,RowDeleting and RowCommand Events of gridview in


In previous post I have explained how to bind gridview by selecting a row from another gridview where data retrieves from database but in this example I will explain the same post with different approach without using database.
Here I have created two classes and using list collection binding two gridview.First it wil bind one gridview and by choosing any row data it will bind the another gridview having same record.

Here I am going to provide an example with source code, take a look. 

Generate Barcode in windows application


                  Here I have explained how to generate Barcode and Qrcode in windows application.


                  In my previous article I have explained How to lock a form or how to set a form as notmovable as well as fixed size .
Here I will explain how to generate barcode as well as qrcode using C#.I have provided all the procedures here to generate barcode and qrcode.

Follow the following process

First download QRCODE GENERATOR LIBRARY from and then add reference to OnBarcode.Barcode.Winforms.dll to your windows application.

Now I am going to provide all code, what I have written to generate Barcode as well as Qrcode.

Thursday, October 4

Data Binding in DropDownList Using Jquery


                     Here I have explained how to bind data in dropdownlist using jQuery.


                  In my previous article I have explained How to calculate difference between two dates using JQuery? , How to get Checkboxlist valuewith comma Separator by jquery.

Here I will explain how to bind dropdownlist using jQuery.As you wnow it will be light weight than other processes.

 Here I am doing one simple web application for binding data to dropdownlist  through JQuery.

 For this first you have to add one web page name it as your choice,here I have named it as JqueryDropDownList.aspx

Tuesday, October 2

How to return List of Array


                     Here I have explained how to return array list in webmethod.


Here I am going to explain how return array list. If you are using Ajax method to bind a
dropdownlist or any grid controls, then you have to return some value from webmethod.  
Where as you must return a list value to your ajax success function to bind that control.

For this I am using here array list as return value.
shibashish mohanty