Wednesday, August 27

MVC application using entity framework with firebird database

                     MVC application with entity framework and firebird database
                     Most of the developer are using entity framework with SQL server database, But when they are switching to other database they are faced lots of issues during their development process.
In this article I have created a sample MVC application which is using entity framework with firebird database. To configure firebird database to use entity framework you have to follow below processes.
Ø  First check you have installed entity framework and EntityFramework.Firebird or not.To check this right click on your reference as below

Tuesday, March 11

JQuery Interview Questions

                     Interview Questions on jQuery. Some of this i have faced in several interviews and some question i have collected and gathered for my viewer.
                     Most of the interviewer test your knowledge on jQuery by asking some basic questions i have provided below.Here i have provided few basic question and answer what a interviewer wants to listen from you.
Let us start from the fundamentals
Q.1:-What do you mean by jQuery?
 Ans:-The best answer for this question should be  jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library which  emphasizes interaction between JavaScript and HTML.
Q-2:-Can you explain the use of "$ function" in jquery with a suitable example.
Ans:-You can answer like this,
Type of this function is "function". and like that there are a lot of anonymous functions available in jQuery.
shibashish mohanty