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Source Code of the Free ASP.NET QuickTimePlayer Control

Playing QuickTime movies from an ASP.NET Web form can be a little tricky. At first it may not seem difficult, but there are a lot of little details to worry about — such as browser differences, ActiveX activation, and the list of acceptable parameters. The QuickTimePlayer control detailed here (and shown in Figure 1) takes care of all those issues, reducing the task to drag-and-drop simplicity.

Figure 1: The QuickTimePlayer control eliminates the chores involved with playing QuickTime movies.

How to Use It

The QuickTimePlayer.dll can be added to your Visual Studio toolbox via right-click just like any other control (see end of article for download details). When that task is done, it can be dragged from the toolbox onto any ASP.NET Web form, where a definition similar to this will be rendered to the ASPX:
    Width="250" Height="270"

The source code for this article is available for download here.
 If you dont have QuickTimePlayer control you can download it from following url: 

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