Thursday, March 15

Simple Console Application For a Beginners

Here i have described a simple console application for a beginners. First open Visual Studio.Now go to  File--> New Project.It will Display a Form like Below and give the name of that application and click Ok Button

Now After create that Application Right click on That Project and Add-->New Item-->Class.cs
Name it as you like.

Now i gave that class name as AddAbstractMethod.cs
The view is like this

Now Add one Interface and name it as InterfaceAdd.cs
It looks like as:

Now I have Added another Class Name it as AddImplementation.cs
It looks like as:

Now Finally I wrote code inside Program.cs
It looks like as:

Now after Running this it will give result like this:

In program.cs i have called only Add Method similarly you can call other methods.

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       Shibashish Mohanty 

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