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Data Binding in a TreeView in Asp.Net?

In this example, I am showing you how to bind a treeview. Here, I am having a table in database where we store Modules and their sub-modules having parent-child like relationship.
Step-1: Add a TreeView to your .aspx Page.

<asp:TreeView ID="ModuleTreeView" runat="server" ShowLines="true"
PopulateNodesFromClient="false" BackColor="#99CCFF" style="width:100%"
Step-2: Add a table named "Module" to your database which will store all modules and sub-modules.

Step-3: Insert some values into your table.
All those modules which do not have any parent modules, their ParentModuleID is set to '0(Zero)'.
Step-4: Add these following code behind methods to the page.
SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection("----Your Connection String----");
SqlCommand com;
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
//----- Get all the module details from database -----//
public DataTable GetModuleDetails()
com = new SqlCommand("select ModuleID,ModuleName,ParentModuleID from Module", con);
SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter(com);
DataTable dt = new DataTable();
return dt;
//----Method to fill the treeview-----//
public void FillTreeView()
DataTable Modules = new DataTable();
Modules = GetModuleDetails();
PopulateTreeNode(Modules, null, 0);

//----- Method to bind the treeview nodes as per the moduleID and ParentModuleID-----//
private void PopulateTreeNode(DataTable ModuleList, TreeNode parent, int parentID)
TreeNodeCollection baseNodes;
TreeNode node;
if (parent == null)
baseNodes = ModuleTreeView.Nodes;
baseNodes = parent.ChildNodes;
foreach (DataRow dtRow in ModuleList.Rows)
if (int.Parse(dtRow["ParentModuleID"].ToString()) == parentID)
node = new TreeNode();
node.Text = dtRow["ModuleName"].ToString();
node.Value = dtRow["ModuleID"].ToString();
node.SelectAction = TreeNodeSelectAction.Select;
PopulateTreeNode(ModuleList, node, int.Parse(dtRow["ModuleID"].ToString()));

Now we are done and we can find the result by debugging the page.
The Final Output:

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  1. working perfectly but in the same way its not working for oracle can you guide me please

  2. provide proper oracle connection string as well as declare oracleconnection/dataadapter/command etc

  3. Modern applications require grids that can present data hierarchically. Although data binding is a simple concept, it is hard to use it for hierarchy building since IBindingList has not been intended for storing hierarchy data. There are multiple approaches to using data binding together with hierarchy. Most of these approaches involve expanding BindingList functionality by mixing data of different levels inside the container.more detail you can read tutorial on dapfor. com


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